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Honda’s GCV engines are ideal for domestic use as they’re the lightest engine in their class. Often used for residential lawnmowers and pressure washers, the GCV engines are sure to pack a punch no matter how they’re used around the home. Available in two models, the GCV170 and GCV200 are pumped with power and torque for your domestic applications!


Over Head Valve engines (OHV)

As the name implies, Over Head Valve engines (OHV) have the valves located above the combustion chamber, in the roof of the cylinder head. The Over Head Valve layout permits smoother fuel mixture intake, plus quicker and more complete exhaust. This increased combustion efficiency, in turn, enables a higher compression ratio to be used. In this way it is possible to obtain a greater power output and to avoid the build-up of carbon. The OHV-design gives also an excellent thermal balance, which contributes to reduced cylinder distortion, a decrease in oil consumption and an increase in engine service life.


Auto Choke Comfort System

The ‘Auto Choke Comfort System’ has been enhanced by optimized location of the wax element for better heat transfer and a simpler structure, providing easy and reliable starting in all conditions.


Honda Combustion Technology

The combination of ‘long stroke’, optimized shape of the combustion chamber and ‘V-shaped’ valve layout provides more efficient combustion and better ability to cope with ‘low quality fuel’

HONDA GCV SERIES Vertical Shaft Engines

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