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Kress Commercial 5 kWh CyberTank Portable Power Station


This 8-minute CyberSytem DC-DC charger provides the energy needed for charging any Kress 60 V or Kress 60 V CyberPack for the whole day. Charge this up after work in your shop or the garage and forget about having to spend money on fuel again!


  • Advanced battery management systems to optimize the performance and life of batteries.
  • Fast charging, able to charge our CyberSystem battery to 100% in 8 minutes
  • Control Panel: LCD Panel Charging indication and diagnostic reminder indicate battery status.
  • GPS and 4G capability linked to Kress Commercial App to provide functions like Anti-Theft, Tool Tracking, Battery status, Maintenance reminders, and more…
  • 3 ports DC-DC charging
  • Waterproof design and durable construction mean this will beat the harsh conditions.
  • Forklift base design, ease to move
  • Optional inverter available to support your AV appliances


Technical specifications and Manual

Battery & Charger

Battery capacity105 Ah
Battery voltage48 V
Voltage60 V
Charging times1x4.0Ah or 1x11Ah@Booster mode 8min(5min to 80%capacity); 1x4.0Ah 14min(10min to 80%capacity); 2x4.0Ah 14min(10min to 80%capacity); 1x11Ah 14min(10min to 80%capacity); 2x11Ah 14min(10min to 80%capacity)

Weight and Dimensions

Weight140 kg

KRESS KAC875A Commercial CyberTank 5.0kWh Portable Powerstation

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