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Strong 5.2 kW petrol pressure washer for professional users. Easy to Start. Comfortable holder and parking position for the high pressure gun. Comfortable holders to store the high pressure nozzles and high pressure hose. With foldable handlebar,detergent intake to suck detergent from any external reservoir, cage frame for perfect protection of the motor-pump-unit. Quick coupling at the high pressure pistol, high pressure hose and the high pressure outlet of the pump. Comfortable and ergonomic second handle at the high pressure pistol. Pressure adjustment at the pump for perfect use in any application.


Displacement = 208cc

Power output = 5.2kW

Operating pressure = 3200 psi

Flow rate (l/min)= 11.3

STIHL RB 600 Strong 5.2 kW Petrol Pressure Washer

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