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The WOLF-Garten® Branch Hook is a perfect utility tool for all those high-reaching chores that you wish you had just a simple "sky hook".

The Branch Hook is designed to effortlessly remove troublesome branch cuttings and snow loads from trees.

The Branch Hook can also be used for shaking fruit trees during harvest. This is the perfect tool to have readily available on tree farms, orchards, and in your own backyard.

The Branch Hook has also been found to be very useful when hanging holiday lights. You can easily hang lights on trees or the garage without having to use a ladder. Take the humbug out of holiday light hanging!


• Ideal for shaking trees to remove debris
• Work safely without ladders at heights of up to 5.5m
with the Vario handle
• Recommended handle: ZM-V 3/ZM-V 4
• Lifetime warranty (35 years)


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